Argentina: Hundreds of Thousands on the Streets in Nationwide Strike against Milei’s Shock Plan

1.5 million people marched in Argentina to reject Javier Milei’s Necessity and Urgency Decree, which represents an all-out assault on workers’ rights and conditions.

Argentina: Far-Right Milei Victory Reveals Crisis of Bourgeois Regime

Far-right candidate Javier Milei has won the presidential run-off election in Argentina with almost 56% of the vote, beating Peronist candidate Massa, the country’s outgoing Finance Minister who had renewed a deal with the IMF.

Argentina: Jujuy Rising a Prelude to an Outbreak of Class Struggle

The last few weeks in Argentina have seen an increase in the struggle of workers, particularly teachers and healthcare workers. This movement has reached the most acute proportions in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy.

Argentina, Turkey, and the Debt Bomb Under the World Economy

On paper, the world economy seems to be doing great. Yet, 10 years after the the global financial crisis, a crisis of new proportions is looming on the horizon.