Mobilize Labor to Fight NYC’s Congestion Tolls!

Congestion pricing seeks to punish working-class New Yorkers for the decay of capitalist infrastructure.

Green Austerity and the Climate Culture War

Capitalist politicians are increasingly wrapping-up austerity measures in “green” packaging—provoking a backlash amongst ordinary people and polarizing the working class.

Welcome to the Hungry ’20s: Food Insecurity Plagues Capitalist America

A recent Census Bureau survey revealed that for tens of millions of US households there is “sometimes or often not enough to eat.”

Brazil: The First 100 Days of the Lula-Alckmin Government

Bolsonaro and his supporters have gone nowhere—even if they have been weakened—and the government of Lula and Vice President Geraldo Alckmin is pursuing a policy of unity with the bourgeoisie.

Eskom Crisis: How South African Capitalists Plunged the Country into Darkness

South Africa is experiencing one of the worst energy crises in its history. Rolling blackouts have become part of daily life as Eskom, the country’s energy supplier, is battling to keep the lights on.

The Battle over Pensions in France: Time to Get Rid of Macron!

The left and the trade union movement must throw all their forces into the preparation of continuous strikes aimed at the overthrow of the Macron government and the end of all austerity policies.