Ilhan Omar and AIPAC: Why We Need Class Politics

The Minnesota congresswoman has been at the center of controversy in the media as part of their usual method of diverting attention from the real issues that affect the working class.

Ocasio-Cortez Defeats the Democratic Machine—Which Way Forward for Socialists?

The political landscape is shifting fast in the US, and Democratic strategists are hoping to use this momentum to their advantage.

The Greater Evil of American Politics

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 7: “For or against” a decisive break from the party of the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosis is a litmus test and line in the sand for the left.

US Election 2016: On the Eve of Armageddon

The world waits with bated breath as the “leader of the free world” is selected. The campaign has been like no other seen in the US for a century or more.

Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Presidential Election

Bernie’s decision to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination has shaken up the status quo. To understand what Sanders represents, we must examine his program and strategy.

The Failure of “Lesser Evilism”

The capitalist system is dying on its feet, and this inevitably has profound political and social consequences in the “belly of the beast.”

The 1% and the Simmering Discontent

For the first time in history, a majority of members of Congress are bona fide millionaires. If anyone still has any illusions that the Democrats are somehow a party that fights in the interests of […]

Obama’s Election and the Working Class

Obama says he offers “a new kind of politics,” but for Marxists, it’s not the color of the President’s skin that determines our attitude. On all fundamentals, he represents the same interests as Bush and […]

US elections: Welcome to the “School of the Democrats”

The U.S. has elected a new president, Barack Obama. Along with the dramatic turn in the economic situation, this marks a definite turning point in the history of the country and of the world.

Election 2008: Follow the Money

The fact that Clinton is supported by the arms manufacturers is no surprise. Those in big business clearly know that the policies of the Democrats are good for them.

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