Ecuador Elections: Banker Lasso Bets Big and Loses

Ecuadorians went to the polls February 5 for municipal elections and to vote in an eight-question referendum called by the banker-president Guillermo Lasso. Lasso’s party came out of the municipal elections completely defeated.

Ecuador: Lessons from the June 2022 National Strike

The great national strike in Ecuador ended after 18 days of struggle. It is important to discuss the lessons of June 2022 to prepare for new rebellions in Ecuador and beyond.

Ecuador National Strike: Tens of Thousands March in Quito and Take Over Regional Government Buildings

Brutal police repression has not stopped the national strike in Ecuador. The ruling class is in a panic, and the movement is taking on an insurrectionary character.

Ecuador Rises Up Again: National Strike against Banker President Lasso

On June 13, a new national strike began in Ecuador. Demands include the freezing of the price of gasoline, price controls on basic foodstuffs, and opposition to privatization.

Crisis in Ecuador: Corruption, Violence, and Tax Havens

On October 26, social and indigenous organizations, as well as workers’ unions in Ecuador protested against the economic policies of President Lasso.

Revolution in Latin America: Lessons of the Red October

Jorge Martin looks back on the tremendous “Red October” that swept Latin America last year, with insurrectionary movements in one country after another.

Ecuador’s Worker-Peasant Uprising: Government Flees the Capital

The movement in Ecuador against Lenín Moreno’s IMF-inspired austerity package, which began on October 2, has reached insurrectionary proportions.