Anti-Dühring: A Reading Guide

We present a reading guide for Engles’ classic work Anti-Düring. The book is an encyclopedic survey of the Marxist conception of philosophy, natural science, and history.

Frederick Engels: 200 Years Since His Birth

November 28, 2020 marks the 200th birthday of Friedrich Engels. We commemorate this bicentenary by looking at the vital contribution that Engels made to developing the ideas of Marxism.

March/April Featured Selection from "The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism"

For the next two months we will delve into two of the most famous works by Friedrich Engels: “Anti-Dühring” and “Dialectics of Nature.”

Anti-Dühring (Excerpts)

Originally published as Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science, Anti-Dühring is yet another of Engels’s classic defenses of the Marxist method intended to equip the working class with clear ideas.

170 Years of the Communist Manifesto

On the 170th anniversary of the Manifesto, and 200 years since Marx’s birth, the document is more relevant than ever for new generations of revolutionary socialists.

Engels Letter on the Need for a US Labor Party

The following letter from Frederick Engels shows his perspective for the development of a labor party in the United States and the way that Marxists should orient to such a party.