Ukraine’s Offensive Stalls: Are Negotiations on the Agenda?

Disaffection is spreading in the army and among civilians, while at the same time Ukraine’s western allies are getting cold feet and starting to talk about negotiations.

Europe’s Wildfires: Hellish Summers under Capitalism

An unprecedented number of wildfires have set Europe alight in the past month. The capitalists have created these hellish summers, and they will only become more severe in the years to come.

The Waning Sham “Neutrality” of the Irish Ruling Class

Ireland’s right-wing coalition government of Varadkar and Martin has decided that now is the time to test the water on ditching so-called Irish “neutrality.”

Ukraine Refugee Crisis and the Hypocrisy of the West

The relatively accommodating approach to Ukrainian refugees we see today is not based on humanitarianism. It is a cynical move to shore up public opinion behind Western imperialism against Russia.

Europe: Capitalism Blames Its Mess on the Unvaccinated

Mass protests erupted across Europe as governments introduced coercive and discriminatory measures to contain a new wave of the pandemic.

Era of Stability Over in Germany After SPD’s Shaky Election Victory

The bourgeois-democratic political system of Germany is in crisis, but no class-struggle alternative was to be found in the latest federal election.

Coronavirus Exposes the Myth of European Unity

With the coronavirus pandemic, Europe faces its most serious crisis since WWII. European integration is buckling under the pressure.