IMT vs TPUSA: Help Fund the Forces of American Marxism!

TPUSA sent an “undercover agent” to “infiltrate” our public Marxist School. Despite the efforts of these billionaire-funded reactionary trolls, Marxism is on the rise. Donate now to fund the forces of revolutionary socialism in the […]

Donate to Help Build the Forces of Marxism!

We are experiencing the deepest crisis in the history of capitalism. Millions of workers and youth are looking for revolutionary ideas—we need your help to reach them.

Worldwide Upheaval: Help Build for Socialist Revolution!

Around the world, the pandemic and the accompanying economic slump expose capitalism’s sickness and confirm its inability to deal with these systemic catastrophes.

Build a Marxist Alternative to End the Horrors of Capitalism!

The record of capitalism throughout the world is one of dismal failure. Help us build a revolutionary leadership and put an end to this misery!

Workers Start Fighting Back—Marxist Ideas are Needed!

The inspiring victory in West Virginia shows that strikes can be won, but the struggle continues. Help us bring Marxist ideas to the movement!

Support the Forces of International Marxism – Donate to the 2016 IMT Winter Appeal!

Let’s get ready for a revolutionary 2017!

Solidarity Appeal: Help the IMT Get Offices in NYC!

Whether you live in the United States or somewhere else in the world, if you share our vision of a world organized around raising the living standards of humanity and establishing abundance for all rather […]