“Mass Assassination Factory”: Israeli Intelligence Personnel Expose IDF Terrorism

A chilling report by +972 Magazine and Local Call, based on testimony from seven current and former members of Israel’s intelligence community, exposes the grim reality of Israel’s war on Gaza.

No to the Democrats’ Slanders Against Palestine Solidarity

Democratic Party officials recently smeared a protest in Philadelphia as “antisemitic.” Communists in Philadelphia expose their lies and explain the logic behind them.

10,000 Dead in Palestine: Bring Down the Criminals Responsible!

The slaughter in Gaza has now reached the grim milestone of 10,000 killed, while more than a million have been displaced with nowhere to go.

While Israel Slaughters Gaza, Millions of Americans Are Turning Against US Imperialism

A new generation of communists and left-leaning workers are witnessing the crimes of US imperialism play out in real time. Beneath the surface, dramatic changes in consciousness are developing.

Palestine: The Failure of the Two-State Solution and the Communist Alternative

The IMT stands in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people against imperialism. But how is freedom to be achieved?

Why Communists Call for “Intifada until Victory!”

The communists of the IMT will continue to defend the revolutionary heritage of the Palestinian uprising, and boldly put forward the slogan at every opportunity: Intifada until victory!

Hundreds Killed in Hospital Attack in Gaza: Rise Up against Israel’s Murderous Campaign!

Hundreds of people were killed yesterday in the bombing of the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital. Now is the time for escalating the campaign against Israel’s murderous war against Gaza and against Western imperialism.

American Ruling Class Lies About the Conflict in Palestine: Defend Gaza!

Israeli forces are savagely bombing Palestinians in their homes and preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza, while the American ruling class is shamelessly lying about the real nature of this conflict.

IMT Statement: Down with Hypocrisy! Defend Gaza!

Western imperialism and its lackeys are rallying behind the reactionary Israeli state as it unleashes bloody vengeance on Gaza. Freedom for Palestine can only be achieved through revolutionary means.

Stop the Bombing of Gaza! End the Occupation! International Mobilization in Support of the Palestinian Struggle!

The following is a statement by the IMT on Israeli violence against the Gaza Strip. We say: stop the bombing, end the occupation—workers and youth of the world, mobilize and fight for a free Palestine as […]

Gaza Bombing: Israel Twists the Knife—Prepare Mass Resistance!

The bombing of Gaza has already killed at least 48 Palestinians—14 children among them—and injured hundreds, in the latest escalation of violence against the Palestinians by the Israeli state.

Stop Criminal Attack on Gaza!

Yesterday, the Israeli army embarked on a ground offensive into Gaza. Journalists on the ground have described the initial stages of the land invasion, recounting scenes of terror as Gaza is pounded by tank, cannons, […]