Greece: SYRIZA Wins Elections, But This is No Mandate For Austerity

SYRIZA won the elections Sunday, which Tsipras claims gives him a mandate to continue on the road he had already embarked on this summer, i.e., to apply the conditions dictated by the Troika. He, however, […]

Statement of the Communist Tendency Upon Leaving SYRIZA

The Communist Tendency participates in Popular Unity and invites all its friends and supporters to do the same. Read the report.

Greece: The Political Conclusions of the SYRIZA CC Meeting

Below we publish a report and analysis, written by the Communist Tendency of SYRIZA, about the meeting of the Central Committee of SYRIZA which was held on Saturday, August 8. Elsewhere we also publish a […]

Greece: Mask of Credit Sharks Falls

The representatives of the creditors in their attempt to blackmail the Greek government have rejected the government’s attempts at compromise. The stance of these sharks is totally unacceptable to the working people of Greece and […]

Greek Default Approaching—What Next?

A standoff is taking place between the Greek government and the country’s creditors that could end up with Greece defaulting on its debt, leaving the euro and even the EU itself. This would have very […]

Varoufakis’s Mission “To Save European Capitalism From Itself”

Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek Finance Minister, presents himself as a Marxist—albeit an “erratic” one—and is even described as such in the bourgeois media. We would argue that he is a classic reformist who believes that […]

Greece: February 20 Agreement Slowly Unravelling

Despite all the concessions imposed on Greece by the Troika, the February 20 agreement with the Eurogroup has produced very little of any substance and is already starting to unravel. The deep crisis of Greek […]

Greece: The Moment of Decision

“You must either conquer and rule or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer.”—Goethe In Greece the old parties and leaders are discredited, hated even. All hopes were placed on […]

Intervention of Communist Tendency in Syriza’s Central Committee

Last weekend the Central Committee of Syriza met. Opposition to the party’s Majority line on the agreement with the Eurogroup was strong. A critical amendment by the Left Platform, the main opposition group led by […]

[Audio] Greece—No Surrender!

The workers in Greece are rallying around what they regard as their government in a movement that could escalate in the coming weeks.

The Extent of the Concessions Forced on Greece by the Troika

The letter from the Greek government to the Eurogroup detailing the measures it is committing itself to implement as part of the agreement reached on Friday reveals the extent of the retreat from Syriza’s program. […]

The Greek Revolution and Civil War: 70 Years Since the Battle of Athens

On December 3, 1944, British snipers, the Athens police, and fascist paramilitaries opened fire on a demonstration of communist sympathizers in Athens’ Syntagma Square, leaving 28 dead. They were protesting against the provocations of the […]