Montana’s Health Crisis: Capitalist Devastation in Rural America

Hospitals are being shut down across rural America, leaving thousands without any access to healthcare in their town. This health crisis is deeply felt in Montana.

Can the Courts Fix the Opioid Crisis?

The poor, minorities, and immigrants are not to blame for the opioid crisis in America. The blame lies squarely with a system based on alienation, exploitation, and misery.

Hahnemann Hospital and the Crisis of Capitalist Healthcare

Philadelphia’s hospital is being shut down and sold to real estate developers. Its patients were overwhelmingly drawn from the most impoverished working class.

Anti-Vax and the Crisis of Trust in Science

As with all production under capitalism, scientific production is not democratically controlled by the working class. We argue that the workers can and should be the drivers of scientific advancement.

How Single-Payer Will Be Achieved

Though such reforms are now considered common sense, the Democrats can’t and won’t deliver. Only a mass independent political force—with single payer placed at the top of its agenda—is capable of winning this fight. 

California Democrats Sell Out Single-Payer Healthcare

While the call for single payer is being raised once more, the Democrats stand—yet again—in the way of the interests of the majority.

The Crisis of American Healthcare

The fundamental problem with US healthcare is simple: it is a for-profit system, not a healthcare system.

Thousands in Seattle Protest for Single Payer

On Saturday, June 2nd 2009, several thousand Seattle residents took to the streets to call for a national single payer health plan.  Though numbers were not as large as key organizers from Healthcare Union SEIU […]

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