Capitalism’s Cancer Treatment Crisis

The US is facing a major shortage of drugs for cancer treatment due to the irrational anarchy of the market economy.

The Struggle Over Safe Staffing for Nurses

Three years after the start of the pandemic, “burnout” is threatening our healthcare system. Nurses around the country are fighting for legislation around safe nurse-to-patient ratios, but the for-profit healthcare industry is fighting back.

The Grotesque Effects of the Profit Motive on American Healthcare

The multi-billion-dollar healthcare industry demonstrates in practice that the market is incapable of meeting human need. To revolutionize healthcare, we need a workers’ government.

Doctors in the Class Struggle: An Interview with a Marxist Physician

Socialist Revolution sat down with a Penn Medicine resident to discuss the union campaign at the workplace. As Marx put it, “the bourgeoisie has converted the physician into its paid wage laborer.”

Healthcare Crisis Causes Global Spike in Excess Mortality: The System Is Sick!

Healthcare systems across the world are facing a deep crisis and this is translating into a massive spike in excess deaths. Only a revolutionary overthrow of capitalism can liberate public health from the yoke of […]

Spain: Hundreds of Thousands Hit Streets in Fight for Public Healthcare

A tide of people flooded Madrid in protest against the ongoing collapse of Madrid’s public health system due to privatization and cutbacks. One million people took part, according to the organizers.

NHS Catastrophe in Britain: Support the Strikers! Kick Out the Profiteers!

The current crisis unfolding within Britain’s NHS is the result of years of austerity and privatization. But healthcare workers are fighting back!

“Scum of the Earth”: The Capitalists Who Created the Opioid Crisis

A socialist transformation of society is the only viable solution to end the opioid epidemic and other horrors caused by this system.

The National Nurses March and the Fight for Better Working Conditions

The National Nurses March, set for May 12, 2022 in Washington, DC, is an expression of the growing class anger permeating American society. How can all this energy be channeled into real, lasting change for […]

Save Lives: Socialize Big Pharma!

For the capitalists, tackling the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is not a profitable investment.

Pfizer’s Shameless Pandemic Profiteering

As vaccine nationalism and irrational capitalist competition put us at the mercy of a dangerous disease, pharmaceutical giants make a profit.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Patents and Profits

Despite being 16 months into the pandemic, the ruling class is still torn by squabbles over patent waivers, export bans, and priority deals.