Marxism vs. Sectarianism

Opportunism and sectarianism are two sides of the same coin. Both must be combated by connecting with the aspirations of the working class if the program of revolutionary Marxism is to become a mass force.

Open Letter to the Members and Former Members of the CWI and Socialist Alternative

The Committee for a Workers’ International has been plunged into a convulsive crisis, which is likely going to end in a split.

Introduction to Marxist Classics: Volume One

As millions in the US are looking for a way out of the impasse of the capitalist system, rooting ourselves in the sound foundations of Marxist theory has never been more important.

Introduction to Ted Grant Selected Works

An updated introduction for the Second Edition of Ted Grant’s selected writings on Stalinism and the class nature of the USSR.

History and Lessons of the Militant Tendency—Part Two

The rise of the Corbyn movement in Britain have resulted in a renewed interest in the Militant—the Marxist tendency in the labor movement that became a household name.

How the Militant Was Built—And How It Was Destroyed

Written in 2004 by one of the leading comrades of the Militant Tendency, this article provides a detailed analysis of the rise and fall of the organization.

Socialist Revolution Issue 18 Cover


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