Lessons of the “Day Without an Immigrant”

May 1, 2006 was perhaps the closest the US has ever come to a general strike. As May Day approaches, it is critical that we relearn the lessons of that struggle.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis and the Hypocrisy of the West

The relatively accommodating approach to Ukrainian refugees we see today is not based on humanitarianism. It is a cynical move to shore up public opinion behind Western imperialism against Russia.

Migrant Tragedy in the English Channel—Socialism or Barbarism

The drowning of 27 migrants in the English Channel highlights the horror facing refugees. Bring down borders with socialist revolution!

The Border Nightmare Faced by Haitian Immigrants

Shocking images of the US Border Patrol whipping fleeing Haitian migrants have evoked the imagery of colonialism and slavery, and provoked the indignation around the world.

Kids Still in Cages as Biden Continues the Bipartisan Assault on Immigrants

Thousands of kids are being crammed into tiny cages at 1,600% capacity. Biden’s immigration policy represents a continuation of the bipartisan attack against undocumented workers.

Miles de niños siguen enjaulados mientras Biden continúa el ataque bipartidista a los inmigrantes

Miles de niños están estando hacinados en jaulas pequeñas a capacidad del 1.600%. La política de inmigración de Biden representa una continuación del ataque bipartidista contra trabajadores indocumentados.

Capitalist Horror in Immigrant Concentration Camps

The revelation of mass hysterectomies in ICE detention facilities is an example of terrifying horrors of the capitalist system for women and immigrants.

Racism and COVID-19: Black Lives Don’t Matter to the Capitalists

One of the starkest ways in which the ugly face of capitalism has been exposed by the pandemic has been in the racial disparity of its victims. The mortality rate for black victims doubles that […]

ICE, Immigrant Workers, and the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in society and the economy, ICE is sparing no effort to maintain repression against migrants—actively undermining efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus in the name of “homeland […]

The El Paso Shooting and the Hidden History of Border Violence

Rule by terror is the bleak and menacing legacy of the US capitalist state and its theft-by-conquest of half of Mexico’s territory.

Border Violence: Capitalism’s Solution to Climate Change

The crisis of climate change has led to a renewed influx of climate refugees. The response of the capitalists is to intensify border violence.

The Class Interests Behind Trump’s Wall

The dramatic “standoff” between Trump and the Democrats over border policy is a cynical charade between two parties that represent one and the same class.