ICE Strikes In Oregon—End the Raids, End the Deportations!

On the morning of June 12, at a Del Monte food processing plant in North Portland, Oregon, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) sent in 160 agents in an over-the-top display of force against […]

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007: The Immigrant Workers Movement

Last spring, millions of immigrant workers, their families, and allies took to the streets of the U.S. in a spontaneous movement against the draconian anti-immigrant measures being proposed in the form of the Sensenbrenner Bill […]

May Day and the American Working Class

In 2006, millions of immigrant workers took to the streets of the US and put the focus back on the working class origins of May Day. Hundreds of ad-hoc committees were organized in factories, schools, […]

Undocumented Immigrants: “We Are the Working Class of America”

Demonstrations and marches have been taking across the USA, but it wasn’t until Chicago’s 500,000 and Los Angeles’ 1,000,000-plus marches that the mood really took off. Taking their inspiration from these historic and unexpected turnouts, […]

Undocumented Workers: That Stupendous Business of the North American Bourgeoisie

Big business has great interest in undocumented workers, who they can overexploit and use to maximize their profits.