Israel-Palestine: A Revolutionary Way Forward | 2023 Phoenix Marxist School

Executive editor of Socialist Revolution, John Peterson, gives a history of Israel and Palestine, and explains what communists can do to free Palestine. Intifada Until Victory! Listen to the podcast episode:     Browse all […]

Election 2024: Why “Genocide Joe” and Trump’s System Has to Go

Communists have no illusions that serious societal change can result from the farce of bourgeois elections. The future is one of mass struggle and preparing for revolution—not electioneering and horse-trading for piddling reforms.

South Africa v. Israel: ICJ Genocide Case Exposes Crisis of International Law

South Africa’s landmark genocide case against Israel has attracted the support of millions worldwide, but international law is impotent to stop these atrocities.

Middle East on the Brink: Imperialists Fan the Flames

The declared aim of Washington has consistently been “to prevent an extension of the conflict in Gaza.” But their latest actions have exposed this claim as entirely hollow.

Israel Murders “Record-Breaking” Number of Journalists in Gaza

The deaths of Hamza al-Dahdouh and Mustafa Thuraya raise the total number of journalists killed in three months of Israel’s war to at least 79.

Hands Off Yemen! Imperialists Protect Profits and Israel’s Right to Commit Genocide

The hands of the western imperialists are drenched with the blood of Palestinians. Now in Yemen, they have directly intervened, recklessly escalating the conflict in the region. We say: hands off Yemen!

Hamas and Israel: Friends and Foes

Israel describes its ethnic cleansing in Gaza as a “war against Hamas.” At the same time, Israel has done everything possible to strengthen Hamas’ grip on Gaza.

Reform or Revolution: Jamaica 1972–1980

The 1970s was one of the most tumultuous eras of Jamaican history. Ultimately, a campaign of violence driven by the US defeated attempts to build socialism.

How French Imperialism Was Defeated in Algeria

The Algerian working class is more powerful than ever. Only a socialist revolution can develop the country and rid it of the domination of the generals and the imperialist powers.

NATO Staring Defeat in the Face in Ukraine

As the year comes to a close, the complete failure of the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive has opened a chorus of mutual recriminations within Ukraine and between Kiev and its imperialist puppet masters.

“Mass Assassination Factory”: Israeli Intelligence Personnel Expose IDF Terrorism

A chilling report by +972 Magazine and Local Call, based on testimony from seven current and former members of Israel’s intelligence community, exposes the grim reality of Israel’s war on Gaza.

A Clean Banner: Trotskyists Opposed the 1948 Partition of Palestine

In 1947, the Revolutionary Communist Party denounced the criminal designs behind the imperialist plan for the partition of Palestine. Today, the communists of the IMT inherit the proud traditions of our predecessor organization.