China vs. India in the 20th Century: Why We Need a Planned Economy

Despite its bureaucratic deformations, the Chinese Revolution offers a glimpse of what a planned economy can achieve once the American working class takes power.

Marx on the Indian Revolt, the Violence of the Oppressed, and Imperialist Hypocrisy

In a few lines, Marx skewers the hypocrisy of respectable English society reeling at the violence of Indian rebels; the product of decades of oppression. His words bear great relevance today given events in Israel-Palestine.

India: Casualized Care Workers on Indefinite Strike

DSAWHU has been on strike since January against unbearable working conditions and low pay. Their struggle is an example to the labor movement across India.

Solidarity with Hijab Ban Protests in Southern India!

The banning of the hijab in Karnataka state is a continuation of the vile policy of the Indian ruling class to divide the people on the basis of religion.

Indian Farmers Defeat Modi!

After a year-long battle, India’s farmers have at last defeated the right-wing Modi government, forcing a repeal of three reactionary farm laws.

Horror Without End: India’s COVID Catastrophe

A brutal second wave of COVID-19 is ravaging India. The healthcare system is totally overrun. The dying lie in hospital corridors, parking lots, on the streets, in their homes, begging for medical attention that will never come.

250 Million Workers Strike in India

On November 26, nearly 250 million workers participated in a strike in urban and rural areas all over India. The strike, called by the ten main trade unions, was the fifth in the six years […]

End Police Brutality and Extrajudicial Killings in India! End Capitalism!

Police brutality, particularly against Muslims and lower castes, has been rampant in India for decades. Under Modi’s COVID-19 lockdown, it is getting even worse.

Coronavirus and the Indian Subcontinent – a Living Nightmare

Interview with Adam Pal, the editor of Lal Salaam (the IMT’s journal in Pakistan) speaking about the coronavirus pandemic and the political situation in Pakistan and India.

Riots in India During Trump’s Visit Face Brutal Repression

Trump’s visit to India on February 24–25 saw mass riots in Delhi. The Modi government responded with brutal repression, killing at least 46 and leaving hundreds injured.

250 Million Join General Strike in India

On January 8, India came to a grinding halt as more than 250 million joined a general strike across the country, raising demands against the brutal policies of the Modi regime.

India and Pakistan: Trapped in the Duplicitous History of the Two Ruling Classes

Ever since the reactionary and bloody partition of the South Asian subcontinent in 1947, any major incident on either side of the Radcliff line will lead to finger-pointing across the other side of the border.