Inflation and Interest Rates: Ruling Class Prepares to Impose Pain

Recent data has caused alarm amongst the ruling class, suggesting that inflation has become entrenched. In response, central bankers are looking to provoke a slump in the hope of quelling price rises.

2023: Another Global Recession Is Coming

The latest news shows that the world economy is once again taking a turn for the worse. The Eurozone is in recession. China is slowing down sharply. The US is teetering on the brink. Another […]

“Greedflation”: As Prices Rise, Bosses Make a Killing

As inflation continues to cut into the living standards of workers, some businesses are posting record profits. Some have pointed the finger at price gouging and the excess profits of big business as the cause.

Marxism, Money, and Inflation

It is clear that we have entered a new chapter in the crisis of world capitalism, which the strategists of capital themselves are at a loss to explain.

Doctor Doom Predicts “Dark Days” for Capitalism

The Keynesian model, so beloved of all reformists is exhausted. That fact is expressed in a huge mountain of debt that looms over the entire world economy. And sooner or later, mountains experience avalanches that […]

Raising Interest Rates: A Recipe for World Recession

Recently, a rash of interest rate hikes have caused mortgage rates to multiply, government borrowing rates to spiral, and now a recession looms.

Hawks, Hikes, and Hard Landings: New Chapter in the Crisis of Capitalism

The “cost-of-living” crisis is not an isolated problem that can be solved through a patchwork of piecemeal reforms. It is another symptom of a sick system; the latest chapter in the ongoing crisis of capitalism.

Indonesia: Fuel Price Increase Sparks Nationwide Protests

Fuel price hikes in Indonesia have been met with mass demonstrations that have spread from city to city as tens of thousand take to the streets.

Czech Republic: Ground Shakes with Mass Demonstration in Prague

On Saturday, between 70,000–100,000 people gathered in Wenceslas Square in Prague, calling for the resignation of Petr Fiala’s right-wing coalition government.

South Africa: A Ticking Time Bomb

Thousands of workers took to the streets across South Africa to protest against the massive cost of living crisis, which has hit the working class and poor people especially hard.

The Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act”: A Desperate Attempt to Save Face

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has been celebrated in the liberal press as a great victory. In reality, the ruling class is rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

Inflammable Material Is Amassing Everywhere

Today, the suffering of the masses is growing more and more acute with each month that passes. The world is once more approaching a period of revolutionary upheaval.