Interview with Ramona Africa on the 1985 Philadelphia Police Bombing of MOVE

Ramona Africa, the only adult surviver of the brutal 1985 police bombing of the MOVE house in Philadelphia, tells her side of the story.

Interview with a Starbucks Worker: Organize the Unorganized!

A Starbucks worker speaks to Socialist Revolution about the struggle to organize the anti-union giant.

Interview with Cliff Willmeng: A Class-Struggle Leadership Candidate for MN Nurses Association

Socialist Revolution recently interviewed Cliff Willmeng, a labor activist and candidate for the Board of Directors of the Minneapolis Nurses Association and for delegate to the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

[Video] Boston Nurses on the Frontlines

Join our livestream on Saturday at 7PM ET for a discussion between John Peterson (Socialist Revolution editor) and Stefanie Reis, IMT member in Boston and registered nurse.

A Year after Guaidó: What’s Happening in Venezuela?

We publish here two interviews with members of the Venezuelan IMT, Lucha de Clases, describing the situation in Venezuela and perspectives for the Bolivarian Revolution.

“The Future Belongs to Us!”: Interview with Russian Climate Strike Activist

The IMT recently interviewed Leonid Shaidurov, a 17-year-old activist who has played a leading role in the School Strikes for Climate movement in Russia.

UNIFOR Worker Speaks Out on Struggle with GM

The following interview of a General Motors union worker was conducted by our sister paper in Canada, Fightback.

Socialist Challenges NYC Democratic Party Machine!

Jabari Brisport, a DSA member and the only socialist running for the New York City Council this November, met with members of Socialist Revolution’s editorial board for an interview on June 28.

Interview with Lal Khan from Pakistan

John Peterson interviews Pakistani activist and author Lal Khan for New Youth Magazine, the forerunner to Socialist Appeal.