Varadkar Flees Before the Storm Breaks in Ireland

The face of the capitalist political establishment in Ireland for the past seven years, Leo Varadkar, has resigned as leader of Fine Gael and from the Taoiseach position.

Ireland after Dublin Riot: Crush Seed of Far Right before It Takes Root

Communists must confront and clear out this mob on the street, and deprive them of their false “anti-establishment” credentials by creating a real, revolutionary alternative that can express the volcanic anger in Irish society.

The Waning Sham “Neutrality” of the Irish Ruling Class

Ireland’s right-wing coalition government of Varadkar and Martin has decided that now is the time to test the water on ditching so-called Irish “neutrality.”

The Good Friday Agreement: A Quarter Century of Dashed Hopes

When the Good Friday Agreement was signed, the British and Irish government signatories were inebriated with their own “success.” But the sectarian divide can be buried only on the basis of common class struggle.

North of Ireland: Sinn Féin Victory a Historic Blow to the Union!

Sinn Féin’s victory in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections is a devastating blow to the prestige of British imperialism and another tear in the fraying fabric of the so-called “United Kingdom.”

The Partition of Ireland at 100: A Story of Blood-Soaked Counterrevolution

As long as capitalism exists, the consequences of the barbaric division of Ireland and centuries of inculcating sectarian division can never be undone. Only on the basis of uniting the working class for a revolutionary […]

Sectarian Riots in Ireland: a Bad End to a Bad Peace

Over the past week, the North of Ireland has seen its worst rioting in years, ostensibly over the Northern Ireland Protocol signed by the Westminster government with the EU.