Marxism vs. Identity Politics

The following document was approved unanimously at the 2018 World Congress of the IMT. Its aim is to draw a line between Marxism and a set of idealistic and postmodernist alien class ideas.

Biden’s “Diversity” and the Fight Against Oppression

The mainstream press has billed Joe Biden’s administration as the “most diverse ever.” Behind the rhetoric of “healing” and “unity,” the incoming cabinet has a long history of corporate ties and attacks on the working […]

Marxism vs Queer Theory

Is Queer Theory compatible with Marxism? Can there be such a thing as “Queer Marxism”? Yola Kipcak in Vienna replies in the negative, and explains why.

50 Years after Stonewall: Revive LGBTQ Radicalism!

On 28 June 1969, a riot just outside the Stonewall Inn bar in NYC marked a turning point in the fight for the emancipation of LGBTQ people.

[Leaflet] Fight for LGBT+ Liberation!

50 years after the Stonewall Rebellion, the militant legacy of mass struggle has been obscured by apolitical and commercialized Pride celebrations.

The Capitalist Crisis and the Fight Against Oppression

The question of oppression cannot be isolated from the general process of radicalization that is unfolding in the US and around the world.

LGBT+ Liberation and Revolution

The struggle against gender oppression and sexual orientation-based discrimination has developed into mass movements in many countries. These protests have within them an intrinsic revolutionary potential.

Socialism and LGBT+ Struggle

The capitalist status quo offers no way out for LGBT+ youth. Our oppression can only end with the end of capitalism and all of its rotten institutions.

Marxism vs. Intersectionality

What is intersectionality theory? Is it useful for fighting oppression, and is it compatible with Marxism?

The October Revolution and LGBTQ+ Struggle

In its ascendant phase, the Russian Revolution enacted the most progressive laws of its time as a step towards the liberation of all the oppressed.