Electoral Chaos and the Crisis of American Bourgeois Democracy

Election night has come and gone without any clear results. Here we provide an analysis of where things stand one day into the post-election chaos.

[Video] Socialism vs Lesser Evilism: A Marxist Roundtable on the 2020 Election

Should socialists vote for Biden? What’s the Marxist take on the 2020 election? Join us for a livestream roundtable discussion this Saturday 10/24 at 7PM ET!

[Video] How to Fight the Eviction Wave

Tune in at 7PM ET this Saturday, September 19 for the next Socialist Revolution livestream! The US population faces a coming wave of evictions unlike anything since the Great Depression. How can we fight this?

[Video] Lessons of the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters’ Strike

Tune in on Saturday, August 29 at 7 PM ET for a livestream on the Minneapolis Teamsters’ Strike of 1934 and the lessons for today’s labor movement.

[Video] Villa, Zapata, and the Mexican Revolution

Socialist Revolution editor John Peterson gives an account of the lives of Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, and their role in the extraordinary events of the Mexican Revolution.

[Video] How Can the Working Class End Police Terror?

Join us Saturday, June 13 at 7PM ET for a livestream with John Peterson, editor of Socialist Revolution! What role do police play under capitalism? What will it take to abolish this institution?

[Video] Racism, Police Violence, and the Socialist Revolution

Racist brutality is hardwired into the capitalist system. This Saturday at 7PM ET, Antonio Balmer (Socialist Revolution editor) will speak on racism, police violence, and the need for revolution.

[Video] Boston Nurses on the Frontlines

Join our livestream on Saturday at 7PM ET for a discussion between John Peterson (Socialist Revolution editor) and Stefanie Reis, IMT member in Boston and registered nurse.

[Video] International May Day Rally: Socialism or Barbarism

The International Marxist Tendency is holding an online May Day rally, with comrades and supporters taking part from all over the world!

[Video] COVID-19 and the Economic Crisis

Join our weekly livestream on Saturday 18 at 7PM ET for a Marxist analysis of the unprecedented economic crisis that the coronavirus pandemic has triggered.

[VIDEO] Workers Fight Back in the Class War Against COVID-19

In our latest livestream episode, Socialist Revolution editor Tom Trottier discusses the workers’ fightback against the coronavirus crisis in the US and around the world.

[Video] The Revolutionary Socialist Case for Nationalization

How would a democratically planned economy address the COVID-19 crisis? In this week’s livestream, Socialist Revolution editor Antonio Balmer makes the case for workers’ control and nationalization.