Supreme Court Approves Assault on Communist Party of Venezuela

Lucha de Clases expresses its firm opposition to the recent attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela. Our answer will be more struggle and organization!

Venezuela: How did the PSUV Lose the Local Elections in Chávez’s Home State?

Sergio Garrido of the MUD—the pro-imperialist, coup-plotting opposition—defeated the PSUV candidate in the election for the governor of Barinas.

Freedom for Jailed Workers in Venezuela!

As the Maduro government has attempted to make workers pay for the crisis, it has met the resistance of working-class activists with increasing state repression, arrests, and victimization.

Venezuelan National Assembly Elections amidst Imperialist Meddling Marked by Low Turnout

The US and the EU had already announced in advance they would not recognize the results, but the Guaidó card is exhausted. The PSUV victory announces a deepening of its rightward political shift.

From "Humanitarian Aid" to a Nationwide Blackout: What Next for Trump's Coup in Venezuela?

On March 7, Venezuela was plunged into a nationwide blackout from which it has not yet fully recovered.

Venezuela: February 23—the Day They Did Not Pass

The attempt to push “aid” through the border was not successful. Imperialism did not achieve its aims, and that’s a victory for our side.

Venezuela: Imperialist Pressure Ramped Up Under Guise of "Humanitarian Aid"

Everything is now being ramped up for February 23: the day US puppet Guaidó has set for “humanitarian aid” to enter the country.


The IMT commits itself to continue and redouble the efforts of the Hands off Venezuela campaign and take it into the labour and youth movement worldwide.

Trump Is Going for Regime Change—Hands off Venezuela!

An international, anti-imperialist solidarity movement needs to be raised across the world against the US-led coup attempt.

Washington Ups the Stakes in Ongoing Attempt to Overthrow Venezuelan Government

The ongoing attempt by Washington and the reactionary Venezuelan opposition to remove President Maduro will reach a key stage today.

Venezuela: Coup in Progress, Guaidó Proclaims Himself President

A coup is underway in Venezuela, promoted by imperialism and its lackeys of the Lima cartel; and executed by its puppets in the opposition.

Washington Moves Towards Outright "Regime Change" in Venezuela

A US-backed imperialist coup attempt is underway in Venezuela after Maduro’s swearing in to the presidency.