The Philosophy of Marxism Day School: Register Now!

On April 10, the Marxist tendency in Britain, Socialist Appeal, will host a day-long event on the revolutionary philosophy of Marxism.

In Defense of Materialism—Alan Woods

Alan Woods provides an overview of Lenin’s arguments in “Materialism and Empirico-Criticism,” and mounts a defense of materialism against the obscurantist, postmodernist nonsense on university campuses today.

The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State: A Reading Guide

We present here a reading guide to The Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State, which can help comrades digest the key ideas of this classic Marxist text by Friedrich Engels.

In Defense of Hegel

Hegel revolutionized every field that he dedicated himself to. The impact of Hegel’s ideas cannot be underestimated, and as Marxists we owe him a tremendous debt.

The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism—a Review

Mastering this philosophical method is an essential task for those who want to win the fight for socialism—this task has been made a little easier by the new anthology.

Marx’s Revolution in Philosophy—Reflections on the Theses on Feuerbach

We republish here for our organization-wide reading a summary of Marx’s contribution to philosophy by Alan Woods.