The French Government Is Weak: Now Finish It Off!

The French government’s use of Article 49.3 of the constitution to force through Macron’s pension reforms without a parliamentary vote on March 16 marked a turning point in the development of the struggle.

France: The Struggle Must Advance!

Almost two months into the movement against Macron’s pension reform, the French masses have yet again proved their determination to fight.

Spain: Hundreds of Thousands Hit Streets in Fight for Public Healthcare

A tide of people flooded Madrid in protest against the ongoing collapse of Madrid’s public health system due to privatization and cutbacks. One million people took part, according to the organizers.

Peru: Massive March on Lima and National Strike Puts Dina Boluarte against the Ropes

The mass movement against the coup in Peru has reached that point that the ruling class fears across the globe: repression no longer works to cow the masses.

National Strike against Macron’s Pension Sabotage in France: Over a Million on the Streets!

More than a million people were on the streets of France at over 200 rallies, as part of a national strike against President Emmanuel Macron’s latest attack on pensions.

Peru: Mass Movement of Workers and Peasants Defy Capitalist Coup despite Brutal Repression

One month after the coup against president Castillo on December 7, the new illegitimate government of Dina Boluarte has used brutal police and army repression to put down protests, leaving 45 dead.

Iran: Youth Uprising Continues and Strike Wave Begins

A new wave of youth protests coupled with student and bazaari strikes in Iran began on December 5. Only a socialist revolution in Iran can ensure a dignified life and freedom for the Iranian masses.

Peru: Usurper Boluarte Declares State of Emergency to Crush December 15 National Strike

Mobilizations opposing the coup against President Pedro Castillo in Peru have put the government of the usurper Dina Boluarte on the ropes.

China: Regime Relents on Lockdown in Face of Pressure from Below

Recent protests in China against the regime’s harsh COVID-19 lockdown measures have further exposed the instability of the capitalist regime.

AMLO’s March on 27N: Huge Demonstration of the Mexican People’s Strength

1.2 million people flooded the streets of Mexico City in response to Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s call for a march. It was a powerful show of strength by the Mexican people.

China: Anti-Lockdown Protests Light Powder Keg of Fury

Last week, the Foxconn mega-factory in Zhengzhou saw a violent confrontation between workers and the police over wage theft by management. In the following days, large and violent protests erupted in many major cities.

Massive Participation in Greek General Strike: For Escalation, Not with Words but with Deeds!

The 24-hour general strike in Greece represents a striking example of the power of the working class. Now is the time to escalate the struggle.