Iran: Death to the Oppressors, Be They Shah or Supreme leader

Throughout Iran, groups of youths are campaigning for a general strike and calling for the formation of resistance councils. In this struggle, the only genuine ally of the Iranian masses is the international working class.

Iran: Repression Provokes Backlash and Calls for a Revolutionary General Strike

Efforts to suppress the protest movement in Iran have only further agitated the masses. Most importantly, a series of strikes have started in the oil and petrochemical sector.

National Revolutionary Uprising of Iranian Youth

The protests in Iran sparked by the murder of Mahsa Amini have turned into a national uprising, incomparable to any previous movement in the history of the Islamic Republic.

Jîna Emînî: Murder of Kurdish Woman Provokes Movement in Iran

The brutal killing of Jîna Emînî by the Iranian “Morality Police” ignited a militant mass movement across Kurdistan. The only way forward is a revolutionary mass struggle using working-class methods.

Indonesia: Fuel Price Increase Sparks Nationwide Protests

Fuel price hikes in Indonesia have been met with mass demonstrations that have spread from city to city as tens of thousand take to the streets.

Lessons of the Chilean Constitutional Referendum Defeat: The October Process Is Not Over, the Fight Continues!

The most committed Chilean workers are beginning to awaken from the democratic illusions fostered by the ruling class, and in the heat of this frustrated experience, they will return to their fighting spirit.

Czech Republic: Ground Shakes with Mass Demonstration in Prague

On Saturday, between 70,000–100,000 people gathered in Wenceslas Square in Prague, calling for the resignation of Petr Fiala’s right-wing coalition government.

Sri Lanka: Protest Ranil’s Repression! Repeal the PTA!

In Sri Lanka, three student activists are being detained without any due process and are at risk of torture for participating in peaceful protests.

Sri Lanka: Lessons from the Struggle

In July, the Sri Lankan masses brought down Gota Rajapaksa. But once they left the streets, his stooge, Ranil Wickremesinghe took his place and unleashed repression.

Inflammable Material Is Amassing Everywhere

Today, the suffering of the masses is growing more and more acute with each month that passes. The world is once more approaching a period of revolutionary upheaval.

Ecuador: Lessons from the June 2022 National Strike

The great national strike in Ecuador ended after 18 days of struggle. It is important to discuss the lessons of June 2022 to prepare for new rebellions in Ecuador and beyond.

Sri Lanka: The Picture of Things to Come

On Saturday July 9, tens of thousands of ordinary Sri Lankans descended on the capital, Colombo, and proceeded to take over the presidential residence.