The Grotesque Effects of the Profit Motive on American Healthcare

The multi-billion-dollar healthcare industry demonstrates in practice that the market is incapable of meeting human need. To revolutionize healthcare, we need a workers’ government.

“Greedflation”: As Prices Rise, Bosses Make a Killing

As inflation continues to cut into the living standards of workers, some businesses are posting record profits. Some have pointed the finger at price gouging and the excess profits of big business as the cause.

Trusts and the Bipartisan Rise of US Imperialism

The chaos of monopoly capitalism can only be solved by bringing the giant monopolies under workers’ control and ownership—not through greater regulation or by “breaking them up.”

737 MAX Scandal: Boeing Puts Profits Before Safety

The aviation giant cut corners to get the model out as soon as possible to maximize profits, with fatal consequences.

Workers Suffer As Charter Spectrum Expands its Empire

Capitalist monopolies always spell disaster for workers’ interests—telecommunications is no different. Notching recent wins against the free flow of information, these predatory companies are out to consolidate power.

Merger Mania: A Ticking Time Bomb

Corporate cannibalism in the reckless pursuit of profits will lead to increased rents, a drop in real wages, and mass firings for the working class.