How the Campus Occupations Could Have Sparked the American Intifada

The Palestine solidarity encampment movement offers some of the most fruitful lessons for a generation of fighters searching for a way to make the intifada more than a slogan for street chants.

Stop the Attack on Rafah! Fight Imperialism on the Home Front!

Taking the fight to the bosses and bourgeois politicians at home is the best way of helping the Palestinian people in their hour of need.

Organize the Mass Struggle! A Communist Program to Escalate the Gaza Solidarity Encampments

Student activists have escalated the Palestine solidarity movement significantly over the past week, establishing encampments at campuses across the country. The RCA wholeheartedly supports this movement and seeks to help escalate it however possible.

The Economic Strangulation of the Palestinian People

Beyond the genocidal military campaign in Gaza and the constant expansion of the settlements in the West Bank, there is another war going on on the economic front in Palestine.

Aaron Bushnell: An Act Expressing the Rage and Frustration of Millions

The news of Aaron Bushnell’s brave act of self-sacrifice has powerfully echoed through the hearts of hundreds of millions of men and women.

Rafah Onslaught: The Spark That Could Set the Middle East Alight

Netanyahu is taking his war to another level. His actions threaten to destabilize the whole of the Middle East.

“Famine Is Inevitable”: Western Imperialists Freeze Aid to Gaza

While the Israeli state continues its genocide of Palestinians, Western powers have suspended funding to UNRWA—a vital source of food, shelter, and medicine in Gaza.

Israel-Palestine: A Revolutionary Way Forward | 2023 Phoenix Marxist School

Executive editor of Socialist Revolution, John Peterson, gives a history of Israel and Palestine, and explains what communists can do to free Palestine. Intifada Until Victory! Listen to the podcast episode:     Browse all […]

Israel Murders “Record-Breaking” Number of Journalists in Gaza

The deaths of Hamza al-Dahdouh and Mustafa Thuraya raise the total number of journalists killed in three months of Israel’s war to at least 79.

Hamas and Israel: Friends and Foes

Israel describes its ethnic cleansing in Gaza as a “war against Hamas.” At the same time, Israel has done everything possible to strengthen Hamas’ grip on Gaza.

Marxists and the Call for Intifada: What It Really Means

The use of the term “Intifada,” including by communists, has been condemned by the western establishment. But what is the attitude of communists towards antisemitism, and what was the real nature of the First Intifada?

“Mass Assassination Factory”: Israeli Intelligence Personnel Expose IDF Terrorism

A chilling report by +972 Magazine and Local Call, based on testimony from seven current and former members of Israel’s intelligence community, exposes the grim reality of Israel’s war on Gaza.