The Frankfurt School’s Academic “Marxism”: “Organized Hypocrisy”

In the 1960s, especially in radical student circles, there were many fanciful ideas floating around that “neo-capitalism” had evolved ways of avoiding capitalist crisis. These were the pseudo-Marxist ideas of the so-called Frankfurt School.

The Big Bang: Shoehorning the Facts to Fit the Theory

A new paper has identified six massive, mature galaxies, shining brightly in a tiny patch of the sky in the constellation Ursa Major. According the Big Bang theory, these galaxies should not have had time […]

Anti-Dühring: A Reading Guide

We present a reading guide for Engles’ classic work Anti-Düring. The book is an encyclopedic survey of the Marxist conception of philosophy, natural science, and history.

Materialism and Empirio-Criticism: A Reading Guide

A reading guide for Lenin’s classic philosophical text which explains the principles of materialism from a Marxist perspective and defends them from various idealist attacks.

Marxism Versus Postmodernism

Postmodernism embodies the utter dead end and pessimism of bourgeois philosophy in the era of capitalist society’s senile decay.

The History of Philosophy, a Marxist Perspective: A Reading Guide

We present here a reading guide for Alan Woods’s “The History of Philosophy: A Marxist Perspective,” which can help you digest the many key insights from this unique text.

In Defense of Hegel

Hegel revolutionized every field that he dedicated himself to. The impact of Hegel’s ideas cannot be underestimated, and as Marxists we owe him a tremendous debt.

England and Materialist Philosophy

This text provides a compact overview of the development of materialism, comparing its British and French variants, and connecting this with the rise of utopian socialism.

The German Ideology (Excerpts)

Historical materialism first saw the light of day in this work as dialectics and materialism are applied to the development of human society.

Trotsky’s Notebooks: Excerpts on Lenin, Dialectics, and Evolutionism

Trotsky’s notebooks on philosophy provide a wealth of insight into dialectical materialism, positivism, Freud and psychoanalysis, and more.

Philosophical Notebooks (Excerpts)

We produce here three excerpts from Volume 38 of Lenin’s Collected Works, which are a brilliant summation of the essence of Hegelian dialectics.

March/April Featured Selection from "The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism"

For the next two months we will delve into two of the most famous works by Friedrich Engels: “Anti-Dühring” and “Dialectics of Nature.”