Religious Fundamentalism: Why Is it Growing and What Is the Alternative?

The old established Churches are in decline, while new fundamentalist churches are emerging and growing. How can we explain this?

From Evangelical to Marxist: Why I Joined the IMT

I say: instead of the invisible hand of the market, let it be the democratic, collective hand of the workers that determines the allocation of resources in our world!

Catholic Schooled: Why I Joined the International Marxist Tendency

An ongoing series on membership in the IMT, in which comrades explain what drove them to reject the capitalist system and embrace revolutionary socialism.

France: Backlash Against Burkini Ban Forces Court Suspension

Fifteen holiday resorts in France, predominantly in the southeast of the country, have recently attempted to ban full-body swimsuits, known as burkinis, provoking uproar in response.

On Kautsky’s “Foundations of Christianity”

An at-length study of biblical history by Alan Woods. Religion is not the motor force of history, but great social changes are expressed through changes in religion.

Political Islam in Pakistan

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the capitalist counterrevolution in China, an immense political and ideological vacuum opened up on a world scale. In these conditions there was a resurgence of political Islam […]

Anti-Islam film: Christian and Islamic fundamentalists leaning on each other

A cheap, crude, anti-Islamic film entitled The Innocence of Muslims, produced and promoted by reactionary Christian fundamentalists in the United States and posted on the internet in July, has led to demonstrations in many countries […]

Marxism and Religion in America

A recent survey shows that the United States may be becoming both less religious generally and less Christian specifically.