Communists Shut Down TPUSA Bigots at ASU Campus

After TPUSA members assaulted a queer professor on campus, Socialist Revolution at Arizona State University decided that it was time for students and workers to take the fight into our own hands.

Communists Are Organizing Across the United States

The communists of Socialist Revolution have made it our mission to organize the new generation of communists in the US—and we are getting great results!

2022 Recap: Communists on the Campus!

Last fall, the International Marxist Tendency energetically took to college campuses across the US to meet with young workers and students looking for revolutionary ideas.

Strike Action on the Rise: Marxists Join the Picket Lines

Socialist Revolution comrades are mobilizing around the country to stand in solidarity with striking workers who are fighting for higher wages, better working conditions, and the right to unionize.

“Billionaires, They Gotta Go!”: Labor Notes 2022 Conference

On the weekend of June 17–19, 4,000 labor activists converged in Chicago for Labor Notes 2022. Members of Socialist Revolution and Fightback who participated recount some important lessons from the event.

Socialist Revolution Mobilizes for May Day 2022

Socialist Revolution comrades hit the streets for May Day in over 20 cities from coast to coast, bringing a revolutionary message to the unfolding class battles and raising the banner of revolutionary Marxism.

Report: Amazon Workers Rally to Support the Union!

Socialist Revolution was out in force last weekend on Staten Island to support workers fighting Amazon, the world’s fifth-largest company owned by the world’s second-richest man.

Italy: October 16 Protest in Rome—A Massive Response to Fascist Provocation

Over 200,000 protested on the streets of Rome in response to a fascist attack on CGIL headquarters. Only class struggle can defeat fascism.

Red Flag Flies High on May Day 2021

This year, the comrades of the US section of the IMT made a strong showing to reclaim the socialist legacy of May Day—raising the flag of revolutionary Marxism in more cities than ever before.

Marxists Raise Banner of Socialist Revolution for International Working Women’s Day 2021!

Despite the ongoing pandemic, comrades of the IMT participated in and held events to commemorate International Working Women’s Day all over the world.

Marxists Around the World March against Racism

In over 20 countries, workers and youth held protests against racism. Featured are reports from IMT comrades who participated in these events, raising slogans for the revolutionary overthrow of the racist capitalist system.

Notes from Ferguson

As the protests in Ferguson, MO enter their 12th day, following the shooting of Michael Brown by local police, the US section of the IMT continues to intervene in this spontaneous protest movement.