Communism in Your Own Backyard: Open Letter to the Minnesota Republican Party Chairman

The chairman of the Minnesota GOP is right about one thing: The communist movement is back and growing stronger every day. But has he ever stopped to ask himself why our ideas are so popular?

Republicans and Democrats in Disarray as the 2022 Midterms Loom: Fight Trumpism, Fight for Socialism!

With the GOP decaying into Trumpism, the traditional dynamics of US bourgeois politics have been entirely upended in the last period. We will soon get a partial snapshot of the political moods in American society […]

The Civil War in the Republican Party

With just weeks left in his term, Trump crossed a line by fanning the flames of the riot at the Capitol. Profound divisions have surfaced within the Republican Party in the weeks that have followed.

The Greater Evil of American Politics

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 7: “For or against” a decisive break from the party of the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosis is a litmus test and line in the sand for the left.

The Scalise Shooting and the Poison of Terrorism

Dog-eat-dog individualism and violence is the status quo of capitalist life, and we are living in a period of international crisis, war, revolution, and counterrevolution.