The Class, the Party, and the Leadership: How to Organize Revolution

Capitalism should long ago have been overthrown by the working class. Why hasn’t it? The key to answering this question lies in the role of leadership and of the revolutionary party.

The Rise of the Comintern and the Role of Leon Trotsky

We publish the introduction to our new edition of “The First Five Years of the Communist International,” which outlines some of the key debates and decisions taken in the first four congresses of the Communist International.

Review of “The First Five Years of the Communist International”: a Revolutionary Treasure Trove

A review of “The First Five Years of the Communist International,” consisting of Trotsky’s writings and speeches on building the Third International. The book is rich with lessons for the workers’ struggle today.

The Impending Catastrophe and How to Combat It

As the economic, social, political, and military crises deepened in the autumn of 1917, Lenin outlined a series of transitional demands, arguing that the socialist transformation of society was the only way out.

Happy Birthday, Lenin! The Great Fighter and Teacher of Marxism

Today marks the 150th birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the great revolutionary leader. Whilst the bourgeois historians and liberals slander him, we celebrate his life and ideas, which are more relevant now than ever.

Zinoviev and the Stalinist Degeneration of the Comintern

Just a few years after it entered the scene of history, the Comintern suffered a sudden, irreversible decline. How was all that potential squandered and turned into its opposite?

[Video] The Revolutionary Legacy of the Communist International

Fred Weston, editor of In Defence of Marxism, discusses the lessons of the Third International on the centennial of its founding.

100 Years on: the Founding of the Communist International

The Third International became a vital school of revolutionary ideas and strategy. Rob Sewell (editor of Socialist Appeal, British journal of the IMT) looks back on this momentous event.

Lies, Damned Lies and Netflix: the Character Assassination of Leon Trotsky

A recent Netflix show, produced by Russian state television, is a scandalous misrepresentation of Trotsky’s life and the October Revolution.

Trump’s Advisers Slander Socialism: A Reply to White House Lies—Part Three

In the third part of Alan Woods’s reply to Trump’s advisers’ “critique” of socialism, he addresses their gross mischaracterization of the Nordic economies, Venezuela, and the USSR.

Trump's Advisers Slander Socialism: A Reply to White House Lies—Part Two

In the second part of his reply to the White House’s slanders against socialism, Alan Woods addresses the reality of life for American workers under capitalism.

Base-Building or Bolshevism?

How can we reach the masses? This question has been at the center of revolutionary debate since the birth of the socialist movement.