Connecticut Democrats Handed Over Community Colleges to Union Busters

As working-class youth, we are told that community colleges are an accessible way to get a start in life. Not in Connecticut.

Communists Shut Down TPUSA Bigots at ASU Campus

After TPUSA members assaulted a queer professor on campus, Socialist Revolution at Arizona State University decided that it was time for students and workers to take the fight into our own hands.

Join the Communists to Kick TPUSA Off ASU’s Campus!

TPUSA goons assaulted an Arizona State University professor. It is up to ASU’s students, professors, and workers to ensure this disgusting queer-bashing and the organization that sponsors it are driven from our campus!

To AZ State Rep. Joseph Chaplik: Capitalism Is Teaching the Kids Communism!

Arizona State Representative Joseph Chaplik recently complained to ASU officials over the IMT’s upcoming “Marxism training” at one of the largest campuses in the country. We thank him for promoting our upcoming Marxist school!

Courts Block Student Debt Relief: To Cancel Student Debt, Cancel Capitalism!

The Supreme Court ruled against Biden’s debt forgiveness plan. The for-profit nature of education in American capitalism has given rise to a huge stratum of deeply indebted workers struggling to make payments on their loans […]

2022 Recap: Communists on the Campus!

Last fall, the International Marxist Tendency energetically took to college campuses across the US to meet with young workers and students looking for revolutionary ideas.

From Online Isolationism to the Class Struggle: Why I Joined the IMT

Like many young people, I was first radicalized and drawn into the online left. Then I met the IMT and traded online isolation for building the forces of organized Marxism in the real world.

Momentum Continues with #CommunismOnCampus Campaign!

All around the world students are enthusiastically engaging with the revolutionary ideas of Marxism! 2022 is shaping up to be the IMT’s biggest ever mobilization among students.

#CommunismOnCampus: Who Has the Youth Has the Future!

The International Marxist Tendency is out in force as new academic terms begin all around the world. Find us with the hashtag #CommunismOnCampus.

Sri Lanka: Protest Ranil’s Repression! Repeal the PTA!

In Sri Lanka, three student activists are being detained without any due process and are at risk of torture for participating in peaceful protests.

University of Minnesota Tuition Hike: Students Pay for the COVID Crisis

The 2020–21 school year placed a heavy burden on college students and faculty. Now, they are being made to pay for the crisis of capitalism.

Crushed by Debt and a Collapsing Job Market: Student Life Under COVID

Decades of austerity in higher education, continual tuition increases, and rising discontent among students are all boiling over, exposing the fundamental contradictions of an education system designed to benefit the rich.