All-Latvian Teachers’ Strike: Class Struggle On the Rise In the Baltics

We are beginning to see a change in the class struggle in the Baltic States, with a national, three-day strike by education workers in April. This is a sign of things to come.

Britain: Half-a-Million Workers Strike in Huge “Day of Action”

On February 1, half-a-million workers across Britain were out on strike. It was the biggest day of coordinated strike action in over a decade.

Scranton School District on the Brink of Collapse

We are often told that America is the greatest country on earth. The devastating effect of austerity on Scranton’s school district contradicts this lie.

Fight School Cuts in Arizona!

Four years after the “Red for Ed” movement, teachers in Arizona and around the country are again under attack. How can labor mobilize to fight back and win?

Iranian Teachers Threaten an Indefinite Strike: Explosive Anger Building Up

On January 30 and 31, tens of thousands of teachers went on strike across Iran in over 300 cities, led by the Teachers’ Coordinating Committee.

School Teachers: Strike for Our Lives Against Disaster Capitalism!

Despite record-breaking highs of COVID-19 new cases this summer, Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have pushed hard for schools to reopen in person this fall.

West Virginia Teachers and FAA Workers Show the Power of Strikes!

Recent struggles show that with unity and solidarity, strikes can be won if we are willing to discard antilabor laws and put no trust in the politicians of the enemy class.

Red for Ed: An Arizona Teacher’s Experience in the Charter System

My own experience as a charter school teacher in Arizona helped lead me to the ideas of revolutionary socialism, and I’m not the only one.

Teachers’ Strikes Hit California

The fightback against the capitalist crisis in education has now spread from West Virginia and Arizona to California.

What Can We Learn from the 1968 NYC Teachers’ Strikes? 

Three consecutive teachers’ strikes took place 50 years ago; there are many lessons we can draw from the experience to ensure the victory of the working class in the struggles ahead.

Teachers Fight Back Against Austerity

From West Virginia to Oklahoma and Arizona, teachers are on the move!

The Turning of the Tide

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 6: Capitalism beware! The West Virginia teachers and high school students nationwide are leading the charge as the mass movement roars back to life.