Capitalism’s Cancer Treatment Crisis

The US is facing a major shortage of drugs for cancer treatment due to the irrational anarchy of the market economy.

The Grotesque Effects of the Profit Motive on American Healthcare

The multi-billion-dollar healthcare industry demonstrates in practice that the market is incapable of meeting human need. To revolutionize healthcare, we need a workers’ government.

Artificial Intelligence: Doomsday for Humanity, or for Capitalism?

AI channels very deep fears, bred not by the technology itself, but by capitalist society and its deeply rooted alienation.

SpaceX Crash: Elon Musk is Capitalism’s “Successful Failure”

SpaceX’s escapades show the frivolous wastefulness of the capitalist class, who grow fat on government handouts, while the standard of living for workers only continues to worsen.

21st Century Redlining: Internet Inequality and Profiteering

Residential segregation is a direct legacy of the nearly century-old racist practice of redlining. Now, the communications monopolies have extended redlining to virtual real estate.

The Death of the Artist? A Marxist Perspective on AI-Generated Art

With generative AIs reaching new levels of sophistication, some people declare they ought to be thought of as artists in their own right.

Tech Sector Layoffs: The Bubble Begins to Burst

Mass layoffs are occurring across the tech industry, portending trouble for investors, users, and employees. It is time to take Big Tech under public ownership and workers’ control.

Mass Layoffs from Carvana to Tesla: Tech Companies Are Driving Over a Cliff

On May 10, employees of the online car retailer Carvana woke up to a chilling internal email from owner Ernie Garcia III. 12% of the workforce will be laid off, putting 2,500 workers out of […]

“Scams and Garbage”: Crypto Crash Is just the Prelude

Frenzied speculators have been throwing money at dubious cryptocurrencies for years. The crypto crash is a reminder of the urgent need to rid ourselves of these gambling capitalist parasites.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover: Nationalize Social Media!

Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter truly exemplifies capitalism, a system in which a single erratic egoist billionaire, acting on a personal whim, can gain more-or-less unchecked control over the means of communication used by […]

Capitalism’s Recycling Lie

Companies like Exxon, DuPont, Dow, and others have long known that recycling doesn’t work because it isn’t profitable. To this day, only 10% of plastics have been recycled worldwide.

r/AntiWork and the Need for Revolutionary Organization

The supporters of r/AntiWork seek to abolish wage slavery. Revolutionary theory and organization are needed in order to do so.