Trump Blinks Again as the World Economy Stutters

Stock markets have experienced a roller-coaster ride over the past two months, as Trump’s erratic trade policy has brought the world economy to the brink of recession.

US and Chinese Tech Capitalists Versus Tech Workers

While it is still the most powerful imperialist force on earth, on every sphere the era of unquestioned US dominance is over.

Trump's Collision Course with Big Agribusiness

Trump’s trade war poses a disproportionate threat for the farming sector, bringing the president into conflict with agribusiness and broad swathes of his base.

China: A Trade War the Bourgeois Can Get Behind

Trump is preparing a full-scale trade war with China, with potentially devastating consequences for the world economy.

"Trade Wars are Good"—Trump Threatens Fragile World Economy

If Trump carries through on his threats to impose big tariffs on steel and aluminum, the world economy could plunge into another deep slump.

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