Trump, China, and the Coming Crisis

The social costs of the next recession will be borne first by the working class. No level of sustained economic growth under capitalism will reverse the exploitation of workers that drives that growth.

Special Envoy Elliott Abrams: Brute of US Imperialism

Abram’s appointment reveals the true nature of the “humanitarian” intentions of Donald Trump and his puppet Guaidó.

The Camp Fire and the Disaster of Capitalism

The town of Paradise has been effectively wiped off the map by the deadliest and most destructive fire in state history.

The Referendum on Trump and the Socialist Way Forward

A record turnout indicates profound polarization in society, but without a working-class party these elections can only give a partial and distorted reflection of the mood in society.

Trump's Advisers Slander Socialism: A Reply to White House Lies—Part One

Alan Woods, editor of In Defense of Marxism, replies to the White House report on socialism, and investigates why socialist ideas are gaining ground in the US.

Trump's Collision Course with Big Agribusiness

Trump’s trade war poses a disproportionate threat for the farming sector, bringing the president into conflict with agribusiness and broad swathes of his base.

Trump's Madness and the Fight for Independent Working-Class Politics

The Administration’s multi-front assault against the working class has intensified in recent months, enabled by the complacency of the working class’s leaders and the betrayals of the Democratic Party.

To Fight Trump's Attacks on Immigrants: Legalization for All!

The despicable treatment of detainees at the border has evoked deep outrage across the country. These cruelties are tied to the rottenness of capitalism and its ongoing social decay.

China: A Trade War the Bourgeois Can Get Behind

Trump is preparing a full-scale trade war with China, with potentially devastating consequences for the world economy.

North Korea Breaks out of Diplomatic Isolation

Although Trump is attempting to bask in the glow of success, the latest turn demonstrates the relative weakening of US imperialism.

Only a Socialist Policy Can Protect Undocumented Workers

Armed with internationalist class-struggle policies, the labor movement has the potential to become an unstoppable force against the bipartisan deportation machine.

"Trade Wars are Good"—Trump Threatens Fragile World Economy

If Trump carries through on his threats to impose big tariffs on steel and aluminum, the world economy could plunge into another deep slump.

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