Turkey-Syria Earthquake: A Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

Early on the morning of Monday, February 6, a devastating earthquake shook the Middle East, ripping the Earth apart and reducing buildings to rubble.

Turkey: The Erdoğan Regime Is Living on Borrowed Time

The economic crisis gripping Turkey has pushed the ruling class into a political crisis. These events are a harbinger of revolution.

Turkey Attacks Northern Syria: For a Revolutionary Fightback!

Down with the Turkish war of aggression against Rojava! Down with the imperialists, who are all complicit in this atrocity!

Argentina, Turkey, and the Debt Bomb Under the World Economy

On paper, the world economy seems to be doing great. Yet, 10 years after the the global financial crisis, a crisis of new proportions is looming on the horizon.

Erdogan Pushes Turkey Further into the Syrian Quagmire

The desperate bid by Erdogan to cling to power is threatening to push Turkey and the whole region towards an even deeper crisis.

The Turkish Provocation: Will It Lead to War?

This morning the Turkish military shot down a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria. It is unclear so far whether it was ground fire or Turkish jets that brought down the Russian plane. […]

Turkey: Thousands Take to the Street as Crisis of the Regime Deepens

Following Saturday’s heinous terrorist attack, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in the biggest mass movement since the Gezi Park movement of 2013. But quite contrary to the intentions of the […]

Political Earthquake in Turkish Elections

The result of Sunday’s Turkish general elections and the clear defeat of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AK Party mark a qualitative change in the situation in the country and bear important consequences for the whole […]

IMT Statement: Kobane Threatened with Massacre—Fight Imperialism! Defend the Kurds!

The forces of ISIS are closing in on the besieged town of Kobane on the Turkish-Syrian border. Thousands of terrified Kurds have fled to Turkey in a desperate attempt to bring supplies and reinforcements, but […]

Soma Massacre: Anger Sweeps Turkey—Down with the Government of Murderers and Thieves!

274 miners have been declared dead and up to a hundred are still trapped underground after an explosion in a Turkish coal mine in the western town of Soma. The accident reveals the ruthless exploitation […]