NATO Summit: China in the Crosshairs

For the first time, the new NATO Strategic Concept document describes China as a “systemic challenge.” This is an official recognition of the relative decline of US imperialism.

Western Imperialism Turns to Pessimism in Ukraine

After over 100 days, there is no end in sight to the war in Ukraine. The earlier gung ho statements of the West have turned into more pessimistic appraisals.

Crisis, Protectionism, and Inflation: War Prepares the Way for Revolution

The crisis in Ukraine has created a perfect inflationary storm. Events are unravelling decades of low commodity prices in a crisis that is only getting deeper.

US Imperialism’s Proxy War: Fighting Russia to the Last Drop of Ukrainian Blood

In the last few weeks, the United States has been more open about their objective to use the war to weaken Russia, and this has been accompanied by an escalation of military aid to Ukraine.

Ukraine Crisis: Biden Fans the Flames of War

US imperialism has turned trade into a weapon of war. In the past, the British Empire sent gunships. Nowadays, the Americans send a letter from the Department of Trade.

War and Peace: Editorial for IDOM Magazine Issue 37

Marxists do not have one policy for peacetime and another, entirely different policy, when war breaks out. Our slogan is that of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: “The main enemy is at home!”

NATO Lies Exposed: Former Agent Speaks Out!

Jacques Baud, a former high-ranking Swiss intelligence and NATO official, blows sky high all the lying western propaganda surrounding the war in Ukraine.

Censorship, Arrests, and Threats: Putin Fights “National Traitors”

As the war in Ukraine drags on, even the mildest criticism of the invasion is being shut down, on pain of arrest and imprisonment.

Q&A on the War in Ukraine: Cutting Through the Lies of the US Ruling Class

Some questions and answers for class-conscious workers and youth on the war in Ukraine, to cut through the fog of war and pro–Western imperialist propaganda.

Ukraine War Inflames Global Hunger, Preparing Massive Unrest

As many countries have built up massive debts due to the pandemic, the war is adding to a perfect storm that will provoke class struggle on a global scale.

[Video] World in Crisis

Fred Weston explains the fundamental driving factors of this crisis, how it is making life unbearable for working people, how it is transforming consciousness, and how it is preparing the ground for an era of […]

No War But the Class War!

Marxists must be clear on the fundamental class dynamics of the war. Behind the lofty lies and rhetoric lurk the class interests of the capitalists. Editorial for issue 32 of Socialist Revolution.