Ukraine Refugee Crisis and the Hypocrisy of the West

The relatively accommodating approach to Ukrainian refugees we see today is not based on humanitarianism. It is a cynical move to shore up public opinion behind Western imperialism against Russia.

Ridiculous Russian Boycotts Lead to Xenophobic Hate Crimes

Xenophobic hate crimes are the logical conclusion of boycotts that treat all Russians as enemies. Workers must stand up against this discrimination.

Zelensky Government Uses Invasion to Justify Political Repression in Ukraine

Zelensky’s government continues to cynically use the invasion to justify repressing political opponents in Ukraine.

Theses About the Ukraine War from the Marxist Tendency, Ukraine

Brief theses produced by supporters of the IMT in Ukraine discussing the origins of the ongoing war and the reactionary effect it has had on the country.

How Western Imperialism Prepared the Ground for the Conflict in Ukraine

Despite how the Ukraine war is portrayed, Russia is not the only aggressor. Far from being a neutral party, the West have been provoking the conflict for their own imperialist reasons.

Germany and Ukraine: Against Militarism, Armament, and Imperialist Aggression!

The German Marxists expose the hypocrisy and warmongering of their ruling class, and make an appeal for international solidarity.

“Barbaric” Russia and the “Civilized” West

Despite their cynical veneer of sympathy, the rulers of Britain and the US are no friends of the Ukrainian people, whom they see as mere geopolitical pawns.

Top Reads on the Ukraine Conflict, War, and Imperialism

This three part reading list gives vital background to the Ukrainian situation from the crisis today back to the 2014 Maidan movement and earlier.

Imperialism Today and the Character of Russia and China

Lenin first analyzed the phenomenon of imperialism over 100 years ago . A concrete analysis of imperialism today must consider the roles of Russia and China.

[Leaflet] No War in Ukraine: Peace Between Peoples! War Between Classes! The Main Enemy Is at Home!

Vladimir Putin has ordered an all-out invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military. Download our leaflet to help us spread the working-class, internationalist position against the war and imperialism.

The Ukrainian Conflict: Is This the Start of World War III?

Since Russia’s invasion, a barrage of propaganda has been pumped out by the Western media, contributing to an atmosphere of utter hysteria.

IMT Statement on the Ukrainian War: An Internationalist Class Position

A statement drafted by the leadership of the IMT, putting forward an internationalist class position on the Ukrainian War.