University of Minnesota Tuition Hike: Students Pay for the COVID Crisis

The 2020–21 school year placed a heavy burden on college students and faculty. Now, they are being made to pay for the crisis of capitalism.

Crushed by Debt and a Collapsing Job Market: Student Life Under COVID

Decades of austerity in higher education, continual tuition increases, and rising discontent among students are all boiling over, exposing the fundamental contradictions of an education system designed to benefit the rich.

The Campus Crisis of Mental Health

Without a materialist, class perspective of the factors that give rise to mental illness in students, the roots of the problem cannot be addressed.

Higher Education = Higher Profits

Alan Woods discusses the current turbulence and volatility in the global economic, political, and social situation.

California Faculty Association’s “Fight for Five”

The California Faculty Association has begun the “Fight for Five” campaign after seeing faculty wages stagnate for ten years and real wages fall by up to 25% between 2004 and 2013.