Electoral Chaos and the Crisis of American Bourgeois Democracy

Election night has come and gone without any clear results. Here we provide an analysis of where things stand one day into the post-election chaos.

US Elections 2020: The Dumpster Fire of American Bourgeois Democracy

American society is as polarized as it has ever been in living memory. But this much is clear already: the working class has no candidate in today’s election.

Tara Reade, Lesser Evilism, and Shifting the Blame

While paying lip service to women’s rights, the Democrats buried Joe Biden’s history of sexual abuse because of the “greater evil” of Trump and the Republicans.

[Video] Socialism vs Lesser Evilism: A Marxist Roundtable on the 2020 Election

Should socialists vote for Biden? What’s the Marxist take on the 2020 election? Join us for a livestream roundtable discussion this Saturday 10/24 at 7PM ET!

[Audio] Constitutional Chaos and COVID in the White House: A Marxist Take on Election 2020

In the latest Socialist Revolution podcast episode, John Peterson provides an update on the unfolding crises in the US political, social, and economic situation.

Election 2020: The Socialist Case Against “Lesser-Evil” Politics

The US is barreling blindly towards an electoral reckoning which, no matter the outcome, will test the limits of the American capitalists’ experiment with bourgeois democracy.

[Video] Why Socialists Shouldn’t Run as Democrats

Tune in for our weekly Saturday livestream at 7PM! K. Khan will join Socialist Revolution editor John Peterson for a balance sheet of the electoral strategy of running as Democrats put forward by Jacobin magazine.

Their “Harm Reduction” and Ours

The term “harm reduction” has recently made its way into the lexicon of the left. This is because most of the left does not take a class approach to politics.

[Video] A Revolutionary Appeal to Bernie Supporters

Bernie Sanders is out of the race. For millions, this will be the last straw. This will be the last time they try to work within the two-party system of the capitalists.

A Revolutionary Appeal to Bernie Supporters: Don’t Mourn, Organize!

Bernie Sanders’s loss may be a great blow to millions of Americans. But it is also a turning point, and it shows the urgent necessity to break from the two-party system.

Super Tuesday: The Ruling Class Unites Against Sanders

The outcome of Super Tuesday has been gleefully celebrated in the bourgeois media. They see Biden’s “comeback” as the best way to put an end to Bernie’s momentum, which is seen as a major threat […]

Sanders Wins Round Two in New Hampshire

Following the debacle in Iowa, the race for the 2020 Democratic Party’s presidential nomination focused on New Hampshire. Unsurprisingly, Sanders came out on top.