Chaos in Iowa: Support for Bernie Shows Potential for Socialist Ideas!

Yet again, the rotten nature of American capitalist democracy was exposed in Iowa. The world was treated to a trainwreck of unimaginable incompetence—or cynical sabotage.

US Elections: The Tasks of Revolutionaries in 2020

Only by standing firm on the principle of class independence today will revolutionary socialists be able to attract hundreds and then tens of thousands of workers in the future. Editorial for issue 20 of Socialist […]

Election 2020 and the Fight for a Socialist Future

There has never been greater potential for building the forces of revolutionary Marxism, for running independent socialist candidates, and for building a new mass socialist party.

“For a Revolution Against the Billionaire Class”—We Need an Independent Socialist Campaign!

Sanders is running in the Democratic Party, one of the two major big business political parties, to be their candidate for president.

[Video] The Midterm Elections and Perspectives for Socialists

Tom Trottier, editor of Socialist Revolution, discusses the 2018 midterm election results at the Northeast Regional Marxist School in New York.

The Referendum on Trump and the Socialist Way Forward

A record turnout indicates profound polarization in society, but without a working-class party these elections can only give a partial and distorted reflection of the mood in society.

The Midterms, Kavanaugh, and the Fight for Socialism

The system is tapped out and has nothing left to offer but perpetual crisis and chaos. Like both major parties that defend it, it needs to be hung out to dry.

Minneapolis: A Microcosm of the 2017 Elections

Attempting to reform the Democrats is an old tactic. But the real potential for changing society lies in independent working-class politics.

U.S. Election 2016: The Farce of American Democracy

Electoral results provide an important, albeit imperfect snapshot of the mood in society at any given time. Processes that have been quietly evolving over years and decades suddenly surface and take form.

America’s Brexit: To Fight Trump, Fight Capitalism!

In the epoch of advanced capitalist decay, the unthinkable is the new normality. And what once seemed unthinkable—akin to an episode of the Twilight Zone—has become a surreal reality.

US Election 2016: On the Eve of Armageddon

The world waits with bated breath as the “leader of the free world” is selected. The campaign has been like no other seen in the US for a century or more.

Clinton Now the Clear Ruling-Class Favorite

Hillary Clinton is the favorite of the decisive sectors of bankers, industrialists, military brass, the conservative trade union leaders, and even key leaders of the Republican Party itself.