Socialist Revolution National Congress 2021: Marxism on the Rise!

Two years since our last in-person national gathering, the US section of the IMT held its largest-ever Congress on October 9 and 10, and the mood was one of jubilation

US Marxist School 2020: Preparing for the American Socialist Revolution

On November 14 and 15, Marxists from across the United States and around the world came together for our virtual Marxist School, with nearly 600 participants joining the sessions throughout the weekend!

National Marxist School 2020: A World on Fire

Socialist Revolution hosted a successful online National Marxist School on June 27 and 28. The prospects for building a powerful Marxist tendency and for socialism in our lifetime have never been greater!

American Marxists Strategize for Socialism in Our Lifetime

The 2019 National School of the US section of the IMT: Another step forward for the forces of American Bolshevism!

US IMT Congress 2018: Fighting for Socialism in Our Lifetime!

The electric mood that filled the 2018 Congress flowed from the political confidence of the comrades in the IMT’s ideas and in the revolutionary destiny of our class.

[Video] 2016 National Congress of the US Section of the IMT

The 2016 Congress of the US Section of the IMT represented a genuine milestone in our work. We publish a video report of the event.

A Turning Point for the Forces of the IMT in the US: National Congress 2016

The 2016 National Congress of the US Section of the IMT, held over the weekend of May 28–29, was a genuine milestone in our work.

Enthusiastic Marxist School in California

With a population larger than Canada and over 70 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants each, California is the largest and by many measures one of the most important states in the US. Home to […]