Lenin, Trotsky and the Russian Revolution | NYC Marxist School 2023

Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick explains the development of the Russian Revolution and what lessons communists can take away from the greatest event in human history.

Electric Energy at the 2023 Phoenix Marxist School

Hot on the heels of shutting down Turning Point USA at ASU on November 1, the Phoenix comrades of Socialist Revolution organized the biggest communist event in the American Southwest this year.

What Is Communism? Why We Need Marxist Theory | NYC Marxist School 2023

A new communist movement is being born. How can it become a force for revolution? How can communism win? In his talk at the 2023 NYC Marxist School, Antonio Balmer explains the foundations of communism […]

Communism in Your Own Backyard: Open Letter to the Minnesota Republican Party Chairman

The chairman of the Minnesota GOP is right about one thing: The communist movement is back and growing stronger every day. But has he ever stopped to ask himself why our ideas are so popular?

To AZ State Rep. Joseph Chaplik: Capitalism Is Teaching the Kids Communism!

Arizona State Representative Joseph Chaplik recently complained to ASU officials over the IMT’s upcoming “Marxism training” at one of the largest campuses in the country. We thank him for promoting our upcoming Marxist school!

“A Sea of Communists”: Minneapolis Kicks Off the 2023 Marxist Schools

The 2023 Minneapolis Marxist School brought around 100 communists together to learn the lessons of past revolutions, current mass movements, and organize to build a communist party today.

NYC Marxist School 2023: Preparing the Forces of a Communist Movement

Some 200 communists gathered in Manhattan for the largest communist event the city has seen in decades. The comrades discussed key questions of communist theory, history, and strategy.

Revolutionary Fervor and Bolshevik Resolve at the 2023 Socialist Revolution Congress

230 communists gathered in Philadelphia for the largest-ever National Congress of Socialist Revolution. This fervent weekend of discussion showed how seriously comrades take the task of preparing for the American socialist revolution.

IMT vs TPUSA: Help Fund the Forces of American Marxism!

TPUSA sent an “undercover agent” to “infiltrate” our public Marxist School. Despite the efforts of these billionaire-funded reactionary trolls, Marxism is on the rise. Donate now to fund the forces of revolutionary socialism in the […]

2022 Recap: Communists on the Campus!

Last fall, the International Marxist Tendency energetically took to college campuses across the US to meet with young workers and students looking for revolutionary ideas.

[Audio] Class War vs. Culture War | NYC Marxist School 2022

In this talk from the 2022 NYC Marxist School, Laura Brown gives a Marxist analysis of the so-called “culture war,” and provides a class-struggle perspective for the fight to end oppression.

[Video] The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 | NYC Marxist School 2022

In this talk from the 2022 NYC Marxist School, Mark Rahman provides an overview of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, drawing on the lessons of this inspiring period of US history to help labor […]