UAW: What Went Wrong in Chattanooga?

The bourgeois press went into overdrive about organized labor’s “devastating defeat” in the South, after workers at a Chattanooga, TN Volkswagen plant voted against unionizing.

Slave Labor in Retreat on Florida’s Corporate Farms

The farm workers’ struggle and the struggle of fast food and grocery workers to unionize and win higher wages and better conditions must go hand and hand.

SEIU 1199: Workers Must Have a Winning Strategy!

Local 1199 is a union made up of hospital and nursing home workers. It was founded by a member of the Communist Party and when it was first organized, it received a lot of support […]

Which Way Forward for Labor?

The dramatic decline in the percentage of the organized labor force over the last 30 years is not an accident. It is largely the result of the class-collaboration policies of the labor leaders, which has […]

Solidarity for the Chicago Teachers Union!

A message of solidarity from union members on behalf of the Workers International League.

Postal Workers Must Fight the Bosses' Attacks

The postal workers are under serious attacks by the bosses of the U.S. Postal Service and the policies of the federal government. It has been reported that the Postal Service has a loss of $5.7 […]

Taft-Hartley & the Need for a Labor Party

In 1947, Taft-Hartley was passed with strong support from both the Democrats and Republicans. We take a look at the history leading up to this draconian legislation against unions and its consequences.

Obama, Trumka, and the Jobs Act

Obama’s “Jobs Act” has less to do with creating the millions of jobs we need than with preparing the ground for the 2012 elections.

Wisconsin Shows How to Fight Austerity!

Weeks after Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting bill was introduced, mass protests by workers, students, and community supporters continue. The spirit of class struggle is spreading across the country.

Refreshing Militancy in Struggle to Defend Public Education

This period of history is characterized by cuts in public services, lack of jobs and deteriorating living conditions. The global crisis of the economy, in which the capitalist class has nowhere to turn but to […]

Why Workers Need a Labor Party

It is frustrating that the American working class has no party that represents their interests.  The vast majority of the 300 million people in this country are workers and their families.  They are people who […]

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