Ruling Class Trembles at Prospect of Rail Strike across the US

Fed up with decades of intensifying exploitation, railway workers are prepared to bring the transport sector to a screeching halt, sending the capitalists and their government into a panic.

Lessons from Minneapolis’s First Teachers’ Strike in 50 Years

After 14 days on the picket lines, Minneapolis public school teachers ended their first strike in over 50 years. Even more important than the concessions they won were the lessons learned for the struggles of […]

Starbucks: A Venti-Sized Cup of Struggle is Brewing

Starbucks workers are organizing for better pay and improved conditions. They face an uphill struggle, but with class-struggle methods workers across the service sector can win big.

r/AntiWork and the Need for Revolutionary Organization

The supporters of r/AntiWork seek to abolish wage slavery. Revolutionary theory and organization are needed in order to do so.

John Deere Strike Shows Need for Class-Struggle Unions

The John Deere strike shows the power of militancy, but also that significant gains will only be achieved when the workers turn the unions into a tool of genuine class struggle.

Striketober: Sleeping Giant of US Labor Movement Begins to Stir

The US has been hit by a “Striketober” with 100,000 workers voting to authorize strike action this month. We are glimpsing a new beginning in the history of the US labor movement.

On the Call for an October 15 General Strike

The call for a general strike by a small group of online activists has received a healthy echo on social media. This is symptomatic of the growing class consciousness among American workers and youth.

Twin Cities: Strikes and Organizing on the Rise as Workers Fight Back

The crisis and convulsions in the US have set the stage for an offensive by the working class. The recent wave of labor struggles has made itself felt in the Twin Cities, the home of […]

The Revolutionary Legacy of the 1919 Seattle General Strike

In February 1919, a general strike paralyzed Seattle for six days. The tumultuous epoch that we are now entering in the US demands that we study our class’s revolutionary traditions and draw the necessary lessons.

NBA Players Launch a Political Strike: What’s Organized Labor Waiting for?

In the aftermath of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, a number of NBA teams staged a wildcat political strike in protest of the racist police terror that has convulsed the country in […]

[Video] Lessons of the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters’ Strike

Tune in on Saturday, August 29 at 7 PM ET for a livestream on the Minneapolis Teamsters’ Strike of 1934 and the lessons for today’s labor movement.

“This Is Only the Beginning!” CHOP and the Juneteenth Longshore Strike

There is immense untapped potential for the Black Lives Matter movement to connect with the broader labor movement, which would take the struggle to the next level.