Lessons of the 1969 Charleston Nurses’ Aides Strike

The 1969 nurses’ aides strike is an inspiring labor struggle in the American South—a part of the country that is mostly just known for its history of racism, conservatism, and backwardness.

Postal Workers: Time to Bring Back the Strike!

Continued operations under COVID-19 have a very real cost. Within weeks the number of cases for the USPS has risen 25 time and managment’s response as been disastrous at best.

Workers Fight Back in the Class War Against COVID-19

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the capitalists’ main concern was to continue production to keep the stream of profits flowing. In response, workers have launched wildcat strikes in the US and around the […]

The Role of Trotskyists in the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters’ Strike

The Minneapolis Strike demonstrated the role played by the young forces of American Trotskyism in obtaining gains for workers.

Workers Start Fighting Back—Marxist Ideas are Needed!

The inspiring victory in West Virginia shows that strikes can be won, but the struggle continues. Help us bring Marxist ideas to the movement!

Lessons from the 1946 Oakland General Strike

Successful strikes require preparation and leadership with a clear, class-independent vision. Our aim is not to let off steam but to challenge the bosses’ right to rule.

Prison Strikes and the Third American Revolution

The prison-industrial complex is big business: the US now incarcerates more than 2.2 million people—the largest prison population in the world.

Oakland, CA – 30,000-Strong March in Response to General Strike Call

On November 2, Oakland saw one of the biggest demonstrations in years with different sectors of the working class coming together to make ç their voices heard and successfully shutting down one of the biggest […]

Wisconsin Shows How to Fight Austerity!

Weeks after Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting bill was introduced, mass protests by workers, students, and community supporters continue. The spirit of class struggle is spreading across the country.

Georgia: Prisoners’ General Strike

On December 9, inmates at between six and ten Georgia state prisons began a coordinated prisoners’ general strike. Centered around a clear set of demands, it was faced with a near-total blackout in the major […]