Why We Fight for Workers’ Control and Management

Workers’ control is the first step along the road to socialist planning based on the nationalization of the commanding heights of the economy.

Workers’ Democracy in the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution is slandered as undemocratic, when in reality it involved the most far-reaching and revolutionary democracy the world has ever seen.

Biden Implements Mandates—But We Need Workers’ Control Over Vaccination!

Biden’s vaccine mandate is too little and too late. Only a workers’ government can be trusted to protect workers’ rights and safety.

Canada: Socialism or UBI?

A universal basic income is being seriously discussed across Canada, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Superficially, UBI proposals can look attractive for the left. What position should socialists take?

Workers’ Control and Nationalization

What would workers’ control of industry look like, and why is nationalization and democratic central planning of the key levers of the economy so important?

[Video] The Revolutionary Socialist Case for Nationalization

How would a democratically planned economy address the COVID-19 crisis? In this week’s livestream, Socialist Revolution editor Antonio Balmer makes the case for workers’ control and nationalization.

Bureaucratism or Workers’ Power

This important document provides an analysis of the nationalized planned economy that existed in the Soviet Union and other Stalinist regimes.