Turkey Solidarity Rally in Dallas, TX

turkey12On Saturday, June 8th the Workers’ International League of Dallas led a demonstration in solidarity with the mass protests in Turkey. We rallied for four hours on the historic Grassy Knoll JFK monument. Despite the modest size of the rally – about 20 – tourists were eager pick up a sign, get a picture with us or ask us about the events in Turkey. 

Despite the searing Texas heat, we ended up staying until 3:30, when we’d planned to only stay until 2PM. This really showed the spirit of the event. Although a tiny group, we were all completely serious. The entire four hours was basically one long political meeting concerning the issues of the movement in Turkey.
At the end of the demonstration I read out the IMT Declaration on Turkey.This got us a lot of attention, and several people came up to thank me. A revolutionary communist speech was well received not just by protestors, but tourists and the public!
We left a couple signs planted on the knoll and headed for a late lunch.


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