Reply of the WIL to the RSL Criticism of "Preparing for Power"

For our June 2013 monthly organization-wide readng we republish Reply of the WIL to the RSL Criticism of “Preparing for Power.” This document lays out a number of basis ideas defending Marxism in the face […]

Against Bureaucratic Centralism

As the second part of our March 2013 monthly organizational reading we are republishing Against Bureaucratic Centralism written by former comrades of the Militant Tendency looking back at the political and organizational degeneration of a layer of […]

Preparing for Power

We are republishing Preparing for Power, written by Ted Grant in 1942, as part of our monthly organization-wide reading for February 2014. The document was written to assess the perspectives for revolution in Britain during the stormy […]

2014 and the Ghosts of 1914

As the New Year dawns, memories are reawakening of another New Year, exactly a century ago, the dawn of 1914 when millions of people were drifting towards the abyss as if in a dream.  

Women in the Paris Commune

“We have come to the supreme moment, when we must be able to die for our Nation. No more weakness! No more uncertainty! All women to arms! All women to duty! Versailles must be wiped […]

Book Review: Germany from Revolution to Counter-Revolution

Steve Iverson reviews the book, Germany: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution. Order your copy online from MarxistBooks.com now for $8.99.

To Support Labor is to Abolish Taft-Hartley

Following the Great Depression and the mighty rise of industrial unions in the U.S., the capitalist class made some concessions to the labor movement because they were worried an all-out revolutionary situation could erupt. These […]

Woody Guthrie
Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)

This song, written by Woody Guthrie in 1948, documents the treatment of several “illegal”deportees both before and after their death.

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

Many skeptics say that a socialist society could never exist in America. They say that the working class and poor, who make up 90 percent of the country, are too fragmented. They say that Americans […]

Mother Jones – 1830 – 1930

Greg Oxley looks at the life of this labor pioneer and lifelong fighter for the working class.