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[Video] Socialism in 2019: Reformism or Revolution

John Peterson, editor of Socialist Revolution, leads off the discussion on today’s socialist movement and the struggle between reformism and revolution at the NYC Marxist School 2019. Reformists are those who want to reform capitalism in some way or another—as opposed to overthrowing it. From Sudan to AlgeriaEcuador to ChileCataloniaLebanonIran, and beyond, the world revolution is clearly on the agenda. But in spite of the inspiring heroism and sacrifice of the masses, they are repeatedly held back or sold out by their own leadership. These reformist leaders believe it is impossible to move beyond the bounds imposed by the capitalist system and that class peace can be achieved through class collaboration.

Time and again, reformist class collaboration has led to eye-watering defeats for the working class. It can be stated as a law of history that a reformist leadership will always lead to disaster. This is why a different kind of leadership is needed—a revolutionary leadership.